Lampa Earrings

Lampa Earrings

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Embrace artistic styling with the Lampa Earring. This unique, handmade, earring is covered in our Lampa print resulting in a colourful style which will bring an instant touch of colour and character to any outfit. The print on each and every piece is slightly different making your pair unique.

  • Bold, statement style
  • Handmade from a lightweight timber base
  • Delightful, unique mix of colours
  • The print may vary slightly on these earrings, making them unique and one of a kind design

This jewellery piece was hand made by skilled artisans in the Philippines, using responsibly sourced timber. Each wooden bead is hand turned and custom dyed, followed with a natural wax polish for surface protection.

The timber was grown in the Philippines in sustainably managed plantations that we have visited to learn more about where our timber comes from.