Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

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Meet the Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé that won a gold medal in not only a completely blind tasting, but one of the biggest and oldest wine competitions in the world (San Fransisco International Wine Competition 2021).

We get it. You're not drinking drinking, but you still want the taste and feeling you've come to enjoy from wine. And let's face it, it’s a whole experience. The pretty bottle, the pop of the cork, the bubbles tickling your throat. We've been there. You'll be happy to know, our Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Rosé is not only a guilt-free way to celebrate all the awesomeness that is you, it's delicious. It's fun. It's festive. It’s low sugar. And it tastes like the real thing. Just with the alcohol gently removed.

Perfect for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, promotions, etc. It's pairs great with a garden party, a family dinner, a night out (or in) with friends, or even just a quiet date with your favourite good book and some yummy cheese. 

Using innovative equipment and the latest technology, Jøyus captures and preserves the delicate flavours, aroma and compounds of the wine, resulting in the highest quality de-alcoholized wine on the market.

Sparkling Rose: Pacific northwest notes of ripe blackberries, summer strawberries and California citrus blossoms are the perfect balance of west coast flavours. 

Let's celebrate!

Alcohol Removed Sparkling Wine
Less than 0.5% Alcohol by Volume