California Gummy Bears - Grapefruit

California Gummy Bears - Grapefruit

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You've plucked the most amazing Pink Grapefruits from your tree. What do you do now? Make Pink Grapefruit Lemonade? or punch? How about both!? It's time to have a party! Gather your friends and family around and let them taste the freshest, juiciest Pink Grapefruit gummy bears ever made. Everyday should be a party!

Our gummy bears are made in small batches in our Kosher California based facility. Non GMO, Fat Free and Gluten Free makes this the perfect gift for adults and kids alike! Lets face it, who doesn't like gummy bears!


California Gummy bears are made right here in California, using only the FINEST INGREDIENTS in small batches. We make our Gummy Bears using only the freshest California fruit around. 

ALL our FLAVORS are NATURAL and made using their natural fruit. 

All the colors are natural, to get them extra vibrant we have used natural fruit and vegetable extracts (Example. We have used spirulina extract in our Blueberry gummy's to make them have that wonderful deep blue color ). You will never see anything artificial in our products! 

The development of these gummy bears took over 3 years. After numerous testing we found that TAPIOCA SYRUP creates this wonderful, silky and sweet gummy bear. Our Gummy bears also don’t contain ANY GLUTEN ingredients and are FAT FREE.

Our Kosher facility has made these gummy bears with KOSHER GELATIN. Our products have been certified by KOF-K Kosher Certification and they have been given the K Dairy Logo.

We hand selected each ingredient. One by one, making sure that every element of our products are of the best quality possible and that they are ALL NON- GMO making them the healthiest version possible. That's right, not one of our ingredients have been genetically modified. It's the way they're intended to be.